Aerial photo showing springtime in Munich with views of Marienplatz, New Town Hall and Frauenkirche

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “The earth laughs in flowers.” This elegant quote makes the perfect description of springtime in Munich. During the season, the weather warms up, flowers bloom and the enchanting Bavarian capital comes alive.

With the rising temperatures, Munich becomes a whole new place filled with beautiful places and things to explore. From gardens awash with colourful blooms of all shapes, sizes, and scents to fairs filled with springtime delights, ‘tis truly the season to let your hair down and bask in the glorious warmth of spring. Here are 10 things you’ll enjoy that truly show the magic of springtime in Munich. 

Hot, Cold & Everything In Between

The sun shines a bit brighter and a delicate warmth envelopes the city of Munich during spring with the highest temperatures typically ranging from 17 to 18°C. It’s the perfect weather to break out your favourite summer dress or shorts and head to the park or enjoy a stroll while you sip on a cool, refreshing smoothie.

While many days are warm, springtime also has some cool days with temperatures around 8°C, especially at the beginning of the season in March. So if you’re spending springtime in Munich, you’ll need to pack a couple of warm items to get you through the cooler days of the season.

The region experiences a mix of sunny days, light showers, and occasional cool breezes. The transition from the cold of winter to the warmth of spring brings a sense of renewal and energy to the city and countryside that’s sure to rejuvenate your spirits too.

photo of colourful flowers in the square Bordeauxplatz in Munich, Germany

Immerse Yourself In Nature

During springtime in Munich, nature awakens. The grass is a lush green carpet, perfect for sinking your bare feet into while you walk around the city’s many parks or for setting up a picnic. The Isar River roars to life, inviting you to ride the waves and dare to conquer them on your surfboard. The cheerful chirping of birds and the alluring scent of different blooms filling the air during this season create just the right vibe for you to connect with nature. Through long strolls in Munich’s parks and gardens, a walk along the river banks, or a swim in any of the city’s rivers, you can enjoy the best of Munich’s natural beauty. For example, the English Garden in Munich, one of the world’s largest urban parks, is particularly delightful during this season, with its blooming flowers, meandering streams, and sprawling lawns.

Go Hiking & Cycling

Bavaria is even more enchanting in the spring with picturesque countryside and charming views all around. If you’re an active person and want to get your adrenaline fix, hiking and cycling are awesome ways to explore this gorgeous countryside.

During spring, the trails become increasingly popular as outdoor enthusiasts take advantage of the milder weather to explore the rolling hills, meadows, and forests. Besides the beautiful views, hiking and cycling on these trails offers peace and tranquillity and an escape from the bustle of the city as you immerse yourself in nature.

Explore Munich’s Culture

In addition to nature-oriented pursuits, springtime in Munich offers enriching cultural experiences as well. Many towns and villages in the city host traditional spring festivals, featuring lively music, dancing, and regional cuisine.

As you explore Bavarian traditions at these events, which often include folk performances, parades, and culinary delights, such as freshly baked pretzels and local beer, you’ll learn more about Munich’s culture and meet locals too.

All’s Fun At the Fairs & Festivals

Thanks to the weather warming up, lots of fairs and festivals open up during springtime in Munich. That means, in addition to enjoying the soothing warmth of spring, you can also have plenty of fun learning about and experiencing Bavaria’s amazing, rich culture through springtime festivals and fairs. One of the most popular festivals to look forward to during this season is Springfest, also known as Frühlingsfest. The festival usually takes place between April and May, featuring thrilling rides, lots of beer and tonnes of fun. It’s usually described as a toned-down version of the famous Oktoberfest but is no less fun.
photo of people in the Hofbräuhaus beer garden in Munich, Germany

Enjoy the Beer Gardens

Beer gardens in Munich are always a fun place to visit, but there’s something extra special about them during spring. Most beer gardens close during winter so once the weather starts warming up in spring, they open up again ready to serve the best of Bavarian beer.

After the long winter, everyone looks forward to the reopening of their favourite beer gardens. So if you’re visiting Munich in the spring, you’ll get to enjoy Bavaria’s best brews, experience the city’s impressive beer culture, and meet up with locals looking forward to a sunny day of enjoying a mug of their favourite beer. Of course, Munich is a city whose inhabitants love to sit in the open air. As soon as a ray of sunshine appears anywhere – independent of temperature – people sit outside the city’s many cafés and enjoy life. Munich is often referred to as the northernmost city of Italy!

Take In the Open Air Markets

Open-air markets abound during springtime in Munich. The warm weather draws people outdoors, opening up flea markets all around the city where you can find lots of fun and affordable things to buy.

The city’s traditional Easter markets feature artisanal crafts, local delicacies, and festive decorations. You can also explore open-air food markets in Munich that offer fresh produce and regional specialities where you can sample local cheeses, breads, and pastries, and enjoy the vibrant ambience of the markets.

One flea market you shouldn’t miss during springtime in Munich is the Riesenflohmarkt which takes place on the Theresienwiese (Oktoberfest fairground) during Springfest. You’ll find great bargains there on souvenirs of your time in Munich.

Another great market to stop by while you’re in Munich is the Viktualienmarkt, set in the heart of Munich’s old town. This market is popular for its varied, fresh Bavarian goods and exotic fruits.

photo of flowers in front of the famous Marienplatz during springtime in Munich

Explore Munich’s Art & History

Munich is home to many museums, each with a unique style and memorable exhibitions. Whether you’re into art, history, or exploring culture, there’s a museum with the perfect exhibition for you. While most exhibitions are open all year round, you’re bound to find some special gems that are only available in springtime.

In addition to these exhibitions, you can also explore Munich’s charming historic districts, such as Altstadt-Lehel and Maxvorstadt, with their beautiful architecture and lively cafes. Springtime in Munich is a great time to explore these places as the moderate weather invites you to enjoy a cup of your favourite hot beverage while you stroll through these districts.

Indulge Your Royal Wanderlust

Imagine how exciting it is to explore castles in Munich, even more so during springtime. Munich’s castles are a glorious sight to behold on their own, with years of history embedded within the walls.

Spring adds a layer of natural beauty to these royal wonders through gorgeous flowers in the castle gardens, majestic trees with vibrant green leaves, and lush landscapes. There are lots of castles to explore in Munich and scattered across the Bavarian countryside, so in addition to a trip through royal history, you’ll get to enjoy the refreshing vibe of the outdoors.

Springtime in Munich: Final Word

Overall, springtime in Munich offers a thrilling blend of natural beauty, cultural vibrancy, and exciting outdoor activities. Whether you’re strolling through blooming gardens, savouring the delectable taste of local cuisine at open-air markets, or attending lively fairs and festivals around the city, you’re sure to find a wealth of experiences to enjoy in this enchanting region during the spring season.

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