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Munich is a city with a little bit of everything for everyone. For the thrifty at heart, there are lots of flea markets to explore, bargain with, and buy from. Flea markets in Munich are the best place to find fun trinkets, exciting odds and ends, and everyday essentials. Because many also sell used goods, you can usually get everything you need at a really low price. 

Flea markets have been a common sight in Munich for a long time. Over the years, they’ve evolved from simple street markets with odd trinkets to large shopping events with food stalls, live music, and great vibes. The city is filled with flea markets of all types and sizes, from small and quaint to large and lively. Here’s a list of flea markets in Munich you can check out when you’re in the Bavarian capital. 

Riesenflohmarkt, Theresienwiese

Popularly known as the biggest flea market in Munich, the Riesenflohmarkt is located on the Theresienwiese square. While the square serves as the grounds for Munich’s most famous festival, Oktoberfest, springtime is giant flea market time on Theresienwiese. This flea market opens only once a year during the Fruhlingsfest spring festival, from as early as 5:00 am. 

Over 2,000 vendors make up this flea market, offering a variety of things from arty prints to antique furniture and everything in between. With so many vendors in the same space, some use brightly coloured tarpaulins, lively music, and funny signs to stand out from the crowd, creating a colourful, lively vibe at the market.  The flea market draws in a large crowd, with over 80,000 people gathered for the best bargains on everything!

Olympiapark Flea Market

Held in the large Olympia Park parking area, this place draws in locals, tourists, newcomers to the flea market scene, and thrifting pros. Vintage, mint condition, old, or new — you’ll find it all at the Olympiapark flea market in Munich. And when you need a break from shopping, you can refuel with some delicious bratwurst from sausage stands and other food stalls.

The flea market is organised by the Bavarian Red Cross and usually opens weekly on Fridays and Saturdays (except for public holidays). Proceeds from the rent paid by sellers for the space they use go to charity. So, shopping from this particular flea market in Munich helps you save money and also contribute to a good cause! 

photo of pre-owned clothing for sale at a flea market in Munich, Germany

Daglfing Flea Market

Every Friday and Saturday (besides public holidays), the grounds of the horse racetrack in Daglfing come alive, turning into a unique flea market on the outskirts of the city. The spacious open-air area creates a refreshing ambience for a fun shopping experience of antiques and rarities. The flea market even has a section with an extensive collection of toys, clothing and other items for babies and children. 

In addition to the flea market stalls, there’s an indoor antique centre with furniture, militaria, and other collectables. There’s also a panoramic restaurant with a great view over the race track where you can enjoy a delicious meal in between your shopping spree.  

Antikpalast and Flohmarkt Freimann

Set in northern Munich, the Antikpalast and Flohmarkt in Freimann is every antique lover’s dream flea market. Designed as an indoor market with over 40 stands, professional sellers operate this flea market. 

It is truly a treasure trove filled with unique and rare items, from one-of-a-kind pieces to remarkable artefacts. Due to the setup of the place, finding something you want or like will be like a real treasure hunt. Besides the large collection of antiquities and collectables, the best thing about this flea market in Munich is the amazing customer service from the vendors. They create a friendly, welcoming environment that makes shopping here a real pleasure. 


At night, Munich comes alive as beer gardens open up and discos and nightclubs pump out music of all genres. Some flea markets also run late into the night, giving you a chance to shop until you drop. The Midnightbazar is one of the few night flea markets in Munich and yet more than just a market. It runs every fortnight on Saturdays from 5:00 pm to 11:00 pm at various locations in Munich, including Backstage, Werksviertel-Mitte, and Schneckenmarkt.

In addition to stalls offering a variety of goods for sale, the flea market consists of a beer garden, live music, and food trucks with yummy snacks. While the market caters to everyone through a varied selection of items on offer, fashion enthusiasts are certain to enjoy the fashion session at the market. The Midnightbazar offers an exquisite flea market experience that mixes market, street, music, fashion, food, and drinks.   

photo of someone buying antiques at a Munich flea market

Flohmarkt Munchen-Riem

The Munich-Riem flea market, fondly known as Bargain Paradise, has been running since 1993 and is Bavaria’s largest open-air flea market. The market runs from 6:00 am to 3:00 pm every Saturday and the earlier you get there, the better the deals you’ll get on antiquities, trinkets, clothes and so much more.

It’s a fun place to walk around, moving from stall to stall and discovering interesting odds and ends to add to your collection. The market also has food stalls, although some of these might close earlier than the rest of the stalls. Since it’s an open-air market, it’s best to target visiting on days when the weather is a little warmer for a pleasant shopping experience.  

Krims & Krams, Bahnwärter Thiel

Kicking off at 2:00 pm, typically every fortnight on Sundays, the Krims and Krams flea market in Munich is a great place to chill before a new week begins. The setup of the flea market varies according to the season. During the colder seasons, stands are set up indoors with disco balls hanging overhead to spruce up the place, while warmer seasons have the stalls outside scattered between brightly coloured shipping containers.

Krims and Krams offers a delightful collection of treasures; from fashion and costumes to arts and props. During summer, Krims and Krams also hosts an open-air festival with drinks, music, and dancing. One thing to note about this flea market in Munich is that wearing and selling fur is prohibited. 

LISAR Flea Market

While most flea markets on this list offer similar items such as clothing, antique furniture and other trinkets, the LISAR Flea Market in Munich stands out as a book flea market. Stalls are usually set up bi-annually at the Isarboulevard from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm.

Some tables are set up on the sidewalk along the Isar River, creating a nature-themed vibe for book lovers shopping from the market. You’ll find all kinds of books there, from novels and non-fiction books to illustrated books, sheet music, historical postcards and basically anything printed on paper! A reading corner and catering services complete the market, making up the perfect bookworm haven.

photo of bargain-hunter browsing books at a flea market in Munich

Final Word

A fun, laidback, and affordable shopping experience awaits at flea markets in Munich. Whether you’re on the hunt for historical treasures or quirky souvenirs, you’re sure to find what you need at the markets listed above! 

Thanks to the diversity of the flea markets, each of them caters to the different needs of seasoned collectors, newbies, locals, tourists, and many more. While you’re in the city, make sure you don’t miss out on the chance to explore the colourful, exciting world of flea markets in Munich!

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