photo of a room at KING’s Hotel First featuring a keg of Bavarian beer, two full glasses of beer and Bavarian snacks

Experience a taste of authentic Bavarian hospitality right in the heart of Munich with our brilliant Bavarian Beer Special at KING’s HOTEL First and KING’s HOTEL Center. Whether you’re a beer aficionado or simply a lover of unique cultural experiences, our special offer promises to elevate your stay and immerse you in local flavours and traditions.

A 5-Litre Keg Of Beer Plus Snacks For Just EUR 30 Extra!

Bavaria is renowned worldwide for its rich beer culture and hearty snacks. At KING’s HOTELs, we’ve curated an experience that brings these traditions to you. For just an additional EUR 30.00, our Bavarian Beer Special includes everything you need for an authentic Bavarian evening:

  • A 5-litre Keg of Fresh Bavarian Beer: Enjoy the crisp, refreshing taste of locally brewed beer, served straight from the keg.
  • Pretzels and Peanuts: Complement your beer with a serving of Bavaria’s iconic pretzels and a side of crunchy peanuts, perfect for sharing.

Enjoy the Cosy Ambiance of KING’s Hotels Munich

Nestled in Munich’s lively Maxvorstadt district, both KING’s HOTEL First and KING’s HOTEL Center offer a cosy, welcoming environment that captures the essence of Bavarian hospitality. Located just around the corner from each other, each property provides unique offerings tailored to a diverse range of guests.

photo of one of the extended stay hotel apartments at KING’s Hotel First

An extended stay hotel apartment at KING’s Hotel First in central Munich


As the flagship property in our boutique hotel collection, KING’s HOTEL First combines elegant comfort with practicality, suitable for families, couples, solo travellers, and business colleagues alike. This hotel not only offers a stylish setting at KING’s Cafe Munich for enjoying our Bavarian Beer Special but also features spacious hotel apartments ideal for extended stays. These apartments come equipped with private kitchenettes and access to laundry facilities, ensuring a comfortable and convenient experience for all guests. Positioned close to top galleries, museums, and vibrant university life, it stands as a central hub for exploring Munich’s rich cultural landscape.

photo of the courtyard garden at KING’s Hotel Center

The enchanting courtyard garden at KING’s Hotel Center

KING's HOTEL Center:

Known for its friendly atmosphere, KING’s HOTEL Center is also perfect for families, business travellers, and individual explorers. Sharing the prime location benefits of KING’s HOTEL First, it provides similar conveniences including digital self check-in and check-out and easy access to major city attractions. The hotel’s newly introduced lobby bar fronting an exquisite courtyard garden enhances the social and relaxation opportunities for guests.

Both hotels ensure that guests experience the utmost comfort and convenience, paired with the rich cultural tapestry that Munich has to offer. From modern amenities to strategic location advantages, KING’s HOTEL First and KING’s HOTEL Center cater to making every stay memorable and enjoyable.

Final Word: Bavarian Beer Special

Don’t miss out on this exclusive offer during your next visit to Munich. The Bavarian Beer Special at KING’s HOTEL First and KING’s HOTEL Center is a true celebration of Bavarian culture and hospitality! 

Book in advance or opt in on-site at our KING’s Cafe Munich cocktail bar and start looking forward to an evening filled with great beer, wonderful company, and genuine Bavarian charm.

Prost to good times! 🍻

photo of the KING’s Hotels Munich Bavarian Beer Special offerings - a 5-litre keg of premium beer, pretzels and peanuts

Bavarian Beer Special offer from KING’s Hotel First & KING’s Hotel Centre

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