Photo of the English Garden’s green spaces offering perfect picnic spots in Munich

In the vibrant city of Munich, basking under the sun while enjoying an al fresco meal is a truly blissful experience. Known for its significant history and authentic beer culture, there are also lots of picnic spots in Munich that effortlessly blend nature, culture and gastronomy.

Munich’s parks and green spaces are exceptional in their beauty. With lush landscapes, tranquil lakes, and enchanting gardens, the city paints a picturesque scene for a perfect picnic. Whether you’re a Munich local or a curious traveller, these ten handpicked picnic spots offer a unique mix of natural allure and culinary pleasure.

Don’t miss the opportunity to experience this delightful blend of nature, culture, and cuisine. Unleash the adventurer in you and explore these tantalising picnic spots in Munich:

1. English Garden

If you want to go big on your picnics, English Garden is the place to be. As one of the world’s largest urban parks, it is a favourite for picnickers and among the most popular must-see picnic spots in Munich. 

This park is nature at its best with plenty of open spaces and meadows to be explored. There are lots of places within the English Garden where you can lay down your picnic blanket, spread out your array of delicious treats and feast on them while you immerse yourself in nature’s tranquillity.

In addition to the fantastic sea of green that awaits you, English Garden has plenty more gems you can enjoy during your time there. That includes the glorious Monopteros, the surfers paradise Eisbach wave, the lively beer gardens, a Japanese tea room and many more.

Image source: Unsplash

2. Olympic Park

Famous for the 1972 Summer Olympics, the Olympic Park is an iconic landmark that showcases the unique blend of modern architecture and nature. Unsurprisingly, it has become a top tourist attraction and a beloved treasure among locals.

Olympic Park is a hub of recreational activities where there’s always something fun going on. So, in addition to enjoying your picnic there with breathtaking views of the gorgeous skyline and nearby mountains, you can finish off your day at any of the fun events happening close by, such as concerts in the Olympic Hall and thrilling sports events in the stadium.

To enhance your experience in this idyllic Munich picnic spot, you can visit the nearby Hill of the Olympic Tower — a perfect place to savour a meal while enjoying panoramic views.

3. Steps at Königsplatz

Immerse yourself in Munich’s splendor at Königsplatz (King’s Square). Spread your picnic on the seating steps by the Glyptothek or the wooden steps crafted by TU students right in the centre of the iconic square. Soak in the sun while enjoying your meal against the backdrop of majestic buildings.

Yearning for more than just a feast? Nurture your cultural curiosity with visits to nearby gems like the Lenbachhaus, the Collection of Classical Antiquities, or the refurbished Glyptothek Museum.

For Instagram enthusiasts, the lush green meadows against the classical edifices create the perfect frame. The vista becomes magical at sunset, creating a visual treat that’s too captivating to miss.

So, come to Königsplatz with your picnic basket and camera, ready to experience a unique blend of relaxation, culture, and picturesque scenery.

photo of tourists enjoying the sunshine at the Königsplatz in Munich Germany

Image source: Unsplash

4. Westpark

Although Westpark is known for its striking Japanese Garden, the rose garden with hundreds of different species also lends an alluring charm to the place. The park also features a diverse range of landscapes, including open meadows, colourful flower beds, and tranquil ponds.

It’s an ideal spot to unwind, enjoy a picnic, and take in the stunning beauty surrounding you with your loved ones. If you’re feeling active, you can even rent a paddleboat and explore the park’s shimmering lake.

5. Hirschgarten

For a unique picnic location, head to Hirschgarten, Europe’s largest beer garden, located within the walls of the historic Nymphenburg Palace Park.

The authentic ambience, tasty tavern cuisine, and refreshing beers you’ll find there all combine to create an unforgettable experience in one of the best picnic spots in Munich. You can find a cosy spot under the shade of century-old chestnut trees while watching the deer graze on the adjacent lawn as you enjoy traditional Bavarian delicacies and a refreshing mug of beer, freshly poured from the garden’s onsite brewery.

Photo of an interior greenhouse in the Munich’s Botanical Garden
Image source: Unsplash

6. Botanischer Garten (Botanical Garden)

Just a short distance from the Nymphenburg Castle is the Botanical Garden — a vibrant world of flora and fauna. The stunning landscapes, themed gardens, and lovely glass houses make this oasis of nature an idyllic picnic setting. There, you can explore the plant diversity and find a quiet corner surrounded by colourful flowers to enjoy a laid back afternoon. Settle down with a good book and have a peaceful lunch amidst the botanical wonders in one of the loveliest picnic spots in Munich.

7. Perlacher Forst

If you crave a picnic destination that offers a blend of peaceful nature and a touch of wilderness, Perlacher Forst is just the place for you. The large forest has plenty of walking and bike paths, providing a true escape into nature, as well as secluded clearings where you can lay down your picnic blanket. It’s the perfect place to reconnect with nature, breathe in the fresh air, and escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. While you’re there, you can also enjoy stunning views from the vantage point atop Perlacher Mugl.

8. Flaucher

Along the Isar River you’ll find Flaucher — a beloved recreational area known for its sandy riverbanks, tranquil atmosphere, and some of the most picturesque picnic spots in Munich. There’s lots to do there, so even after your picnic, you can pack up your basket and explore all the other fun activities before you head home. Summer is the perfect time to find a cosy spot near the river, enjoy a refreshing swim, or simply relax while relishing your picnic snacks and some good company. You can even enjoy a good barbecue there and get a refreshing taste of the countryside.

Image source: Unsplash

9. Schlosspark Schleißheim

A short trip from Munich’s city centre is Schlosspark Schleißheim, a true gem for picnic lovers. Surrounded by the magnificent baroque palaces of Schleissheim, this park offers a grand picnic experience that you won’t soon forget.

While you’re there, you can explore the vast grounds, find a spot in the shade of ancient trees, and unwind in the peaceful ambiance while admiring the striking architecture nearby as you indulge in delicious picnic treats.

10. Kleinhesseloher See

Located within the English Garden, Kleinhesseloher See is a serene lake offering a peaceful setting for your picnic outing, whether you’re going solo or with friends/family. In addition to its tranquil ambiance, the lake features a small island accessible by a charming wooden bridge.

It’s an ideal picnic spot in Munich to enjoy a leisurely afternoon while watching the ducks swim by as you soak up the natural beauty that surrounds you.

Final Word

Munich is home to many green spaces and parks, each with its unique charm and character that sets it apart from the others. From the vast English Garden to the magnificent architecture of the Königsplatz, and from the tranquil shores of Kleinhesseloher See to the untamed beauty of Perlacher Forst, there is a picnic spot in Munich to suit every preference.

With nature’s splendour and the city’s many culinary delights, indulging in a picnic in Munich becomes an unforgettable experience that combines relaxation, exploration, and enjoyment of the outdoors. So pack your picnic basket, grab your blanket, and immerse yourself in the unparalleled beauty of the picnic spots in Munich!

Featured image: Unsplash

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