photo of a young tourist in front of the famous town hall building during summertime in Munich

Summer in Munich embodies true bliss, where warm days invite endless fun under the sun. It’s the perfect time to let your hair down and venture outdoors to explore all the beauty the season has to offer.

With the return of sunny days, Munich is all good times and tan lines. There’s so much to enjoy in the beautiful Bavarian capital, from picnicking in the dappled shade of  lush green parks, to relishing a cold brew in a bustling beer garden. Here are our top 10 ways to experience the joys of summer in Munich!

Soak In the Warm Weather

If you appreciate the simple joys of life, you’ll love taking in the warmth of the Munich summer sun. Summer in Munich stretches from June to August, with July as the warmest month. Temperatures typically range from highs of around 24°C to lows of 14°C.

Thanks to these warm temperatures and longer days, you’ll have lots more time for fun in the sun. Whether you want to stroll around the city, go swimming in a lake, or take a hike on some beloved trails, summer is the best time for some uninterrupted exploration of the beautiful Bavarian capital.

Walk, Cycle, Or Jog Through the Parks

For those who love staying active, summer in Munich presents a delightful opportunity to explore the outdoors. Munich’s parks, in particular, show off the beauty of nature through endless expanses of lush green lawn, towering trees and sweet-scented blossoms.

Some of the most popular parks in Munich are the English Garden (pictured below), Westpark, and Hofgarten. In these, you can enjoy an up close experience with nature as you walk around the lakes, take a bike ride, or go on a morning jog and take in the fresh air. The warmth of summer creates a pleasant environment that makes it easy and fun to stay outdoors and get your adrenaline fix. 

If you want something a little more relaxed, you can have a picnic instead in any of the amazing picnic spots in Munich

photo of the Monopteros temple in the English garden (Englischer Garten) in Munich

Sunbathe Near the Lakes

One of the best ways to enjoy the sun in the summer is sunbathing near a lake. The combination of the warm sun on your skin and the cool winds wafting up from the nearby lake create an unforgettable, enthralling sensation. 

Some lakes you can explore during the summer in Munich include Fasaneriesee, Lerchenauer See, and Fledmochinger See. You can either sunbathe on the shores of these lakes or take a dip in the water and enjoy a refreshing swim.  

Explore the Bavarian Beer Culture

In Munich, beer isn’t simply a beverage, it’s an essential element of Bavarian history and culture. Nicknamed the daily “liquid bread,” beer brewing is an art that’s celebrated in lively beer gardens in Munich and at festivals. 

Summer time in Munich brings with it the opening of several beer gardens throughout the city. Pictured below is one at the ever-popular Viktualienmarkt. In addition to enjoying traditional Bavarian brews there, you’ll also get to meet plenty of locals and tourists too. There’s nothing as fun as socialising over a mug of well-crafted beer and getting to know new people while you enjoy sipping on the cold beverage. In places like the Michaeligarten, you can also enjoy an amazing view of the water while you nurse your beer.

photo of people eating and drinking outdoors at the Viktualienmarkt in Munich

Shop from Open-Air Markets

Munich is home to the Viktualienmarkt, one of the largest open-air markets in the city. The market has a lot of history behind it, going back to the early 1800s. Its rich history combined with beautifully decorated booths creates a lively atmosphere that makes shopping for fresh produce a fun experience.

The stalls at the Viktualienmarkt are filled with fresh vegetables, fruits, meat, cheese, sausages, juices and lots more — all at affordable prices. You can also explore the local flea markets around the city and pick up some super souvenirs, crafty pieces, and home essentials. 

Celebrate Summer At Festivals

What could be better than spending a warm summer’s day at a colourful festival with music in the background and delectable Bavarian treats within reach? Lots of festivals are held during the summer in Munich, celebrating the sunny season. The Tollwood Summer Festival, for example, is renowned for its colourful tents, musical acts, as well as circus and theatrical performances. 

Oktoberfest, though not technically a summer festival, is one you shouldn’t miss too. Starting at the end of September, it’s the perfect way to end your summer in Munich through parades, music, plus of course lashings of Bavarian delicacies and brews.

Dine Alfresco

With the warm weather of the summer season, dining outdoors is a popular preference for many. Summers in Munich create the perfect atmosphere for this style of dining, no matter what time of the day you’re having your meal – and foodies will love the diverse culinary options on offer!

Whether you’re having an early breakfast at one of the many quaint cafes in Munich, or a romantic dinner with the sun setting in the background, you’ll love the experience thanks to the warm ambiance of the Munich summer.  

photo of people enjoying alfresco dining during the summer in Munich

Explore Munich’s Nightlife

While the city’s vibrance is evident during the day, Munich truly comes alive at night. The beer gardens, especially, are a great place to spend an evening during summer in Munich. You can enjoy your beer and spend hours talking with friends and making new ones without getting cold. 

Fairy lights and street lamps light up the city in the evening, creating a marvellous view of Munich. It’s a great time for an evening stroll through the Bavarian capital, stopping for cocktails in any of the range of popular bars that abound in the city centre. 

Visit An Open-Air Cinema

If you love watching movies, you’re bound to enjoy the experience of an open-air cinema during summer in Munich. The warm weather makes sitting outdoors watching the latest blockbusters or some beloved classics a cosy, memorable experience. In the evenings, these open-air cinemas offer a viewing experience under the stars, perfect for a romantic date in Munich. Some outdoor cinemas you can check out in Munich include the Kino, Mond & Sterne (pictured below) which is located in Westpark, and the drive-in PopUp Sommerkino Munchen.
photo of people enjoying a film screening at an outdoor cinema in Munich

Take A Trip Back In Time

Munich has a rich history. The best thing about the city is that you can actually walk on the same streets where pivotal moments in history happened. It’s like literally stepping back in time! As you tour the city and learn its history and local legends, you’ll also get to see how much the places and buildings have evolved over the years. 

During your tour, you can also visit some local museums and historical landmarks and learn more about Munich’s history; from the Marienplatz and the Rathaus-Glockenspiel clock tower to the city’s many museums

Final Word

The arrival of summer in Munich transforms the city into a bustling hub of activities. You get the chance to bask in the warm sunshine and enjoy the stunning architecture, picturesque landscapes, and everything that this enchanting season has to offer.

As the city comes alive, it brings with it the opportunity to enjoy plenty of recreational activities. Whether it’s soaking up the sun amidst the lush greenery or dancing balmy evenings away at a festival, summer time in Munich is a truly sunny paradise for all! 

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