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Munich is a favourite destination among tourists and understandably so. Aside from its popular annual Oktoberfest, there are lots of activities and attractions in Munich that draw people from all over the globe. The city just has so much to offer – from historical sites and museums, to amazing public markets and more. Whether you’re visiting the Bavarian capital for the first time or the nth time, you can be sure you’ll find plenty of fun things to see and do while in Munich.

This is true even if you only have limited free time to explore the city. If you’re travelling and working at the same time, here are some of the best attractions in Munich for quick, fun adventures.

5 attractions in Munich plus leisure activities suited for travellers with limited free time

Photo of the Monopteros in English Garden located in Munich Germany

Image source: Pixabay

1. Viktualienmarkt

An outdoor food market, Viktualienmarkt is a definite must-see for any tourist who wants to sample Munich’s local flavours. Whether you’re going for a quick lunch break or an afternoon snack, you can’t go wrong with this place.

In many ways, Viktualienmarkt is a foodie’s paradise, selling everything you can possibly imagine. They have bread, cheese, ham, fruits, meats, seafoods, and veggies. Of course, they also have local staples Leberkässemmel (meatloaf in a bread roll) and Wurstbrot (sausage in a bread roll). In the mood for something alcoholic? Well, the market also has plenty of wine and beer vendors.

2. English Garden

Known as one of the world’s largest urban parks, the English Garden is an ideal spot for anyone who wants to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. The place brings you closer to nature so it’s ideal for walking, cycling, jogging, lake boating, or even just hanging out and relaxing.

Other attractions in the English Garden include the round temple Monopteros, the pagoda-style Chinese Tower, and the historic Japanese Tea House. Meanwhile, beer fans would be happy to know that there are four beer gardens scattered around the park offering locally-brewed beverages.

3. Marienplatz

Next, we have the picturesque Marienplatz. Many consider this large central square as the heart and soul of Munich since the city’s founding in 1158. From here, you can admire iconic landmarks such as the Glockenspiel, plus the Old and New Town Halls. 

Marienplatz is well-loved by locals and tourists alike for its cultural beauty, positive atmosphere, and wonderful food. There are also several restaurants in the area where you can drop by for a quick bite. Additionally, people can easily find stalls selling bread, cheese, fruit, and everything in-between.

4. Asam Church

If you’re booked with us at any of the KING’s Hotels, this beautiful Baroque church is just a 7-minute cycle away – or about 20-minutes on foot.

Asam Church is the city’s smallest church yet it’s also one of the most popular attractions in Munich. Constructed by sculptor Egid Quirin Asam and painter Cosmas Damian Asam from 1733 to 1746, Asam Church often gets praised for its stunning architecture and intricate details. Its statues, paintings, decorations, and even its walls are filled with elaborate artistry. 

Be reminded, however, that while it’s okay to take photos, food and drink are not allowed within the establishment’s premises. So make sure to observe this simple rule.

5. Haus der Kunst

Finally, we have the Haus der Kunst, a modern and contemporary art museum perfect for short visits. Aside from its majestic architecture, visitors love this museum for showcasing unique and inspiring art pieces in its exhibits. On the official website, Haus der Kunst is described as a “non-collecting public museum.” They also add that they are “dedicated to the exploration of the diverse histories of contemporary art based on a foundation of focused exhibitions, performance and music events, and education.” It’s definitely one of the best attractions in Munich. So if you love art and you happen to be in the city, don’t forget to drop by Haus der Kunst. We’re sure you won’t regret it!

Top tips for staying productive while travelling

Photo of two young professionals using their laptops while in a garden park in Munich
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Staying productive when you’re on the move can be a challenge. Moving from place to place and having irregular schedules can get in the way. However, there are plenty of ways to wisely utilise your time and make it work.

Consider these 5 suggestions:

Set daily goals. Setting clear objectives on a daily basis is highly recommended. This way, you’ll know which tasks are most important to prioritise. You’ll get more things done if you use a daily to-do list. Checking off items one by one can be encouraging and rewarding, especially if you have a busy day ahead.    

Limit distractions. While social media can be useful for staying in touch with clients and loved ones, it can be a distraction if you’re not careful. Allocate specific time for using such apps. Take advantage of productivity tools to manage your time more effectively and block out possible distractions.  

Stay organised. Of course, you want to make sure that all your work materials are in order all the time. Keep your digital or physical files in one place so you know where to find them.  Staying organised will help you save time and increase your efficiency as you try to complete your projects while you’re on the. 

Establish a routine. As much as possible, set a routine you can follow each day. This will allow you to focus while achieving better work-life balance at the same time. As bestselling author and leadership expert John Maxwell once said, “The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.”

Take breaks. According to research, short breaks can be useful in preventing work-related burnout and stress. They can recharge your mind and body to help you have greater energy and focus once you return. Take advantage of your regular break to grab a meal,  go for a short walk, or do relaxing leisure activities in one of the top attractions in Munich. 

Practical advice for balancing work and leisure

Image source: Focus Lounge by KING’s 

Lastly, allow us to share some tips on balancing work and leisure while you’re on your Munich vacation. Prioritise and plan. While it’s important to stay productive, you also need to dedicate time for relaxing. Setting specific goals for your work and personal time should allow you to achieve that much-needed balance. You’ll be able to stay in control of your work time without missing out on visiting top tourist sites in Munich. Utilise hotel amenities. One huge advantage of booking with us at KING’s Hotels is that we’re located in the city centre. Our spaces function as the perfect base for both work and play. Case in point, KING’s Hotel First, KING’s Hotel Center, and KING’s AdvaStay apartment hotel offer you quality accommodation that will make you feel right at home in Munich. On top of that, we have Focus Lounge by KING’s, a coworking cafe that allows you to work and relax. Whether you’re a digital nomad or a business executive, you’ll love this place. Combine work and leisure. Yes, it’s actually possible to hit two targets with one arrow. You can incorporate work and fun by picking the right activities. Attending local events and conferences, for example, can be an excellent way to unwind while building your professional network at the same time.

Featured image source: Pixabay

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