panorama of Marienplatz square which is just one of many free things to do in Munich

When you’re in the Bavarian capital and you’re feeling like an adventure but you’ve stretched your budget, don’t fret! There are plenty of fun and amazing free things to do in Munich so you can enjoy the many charms of the city without breaking the bank. 

From your own walking tour around the city where you can stop and marvel at its many architectural wonders to free exhibitions and stunning parks, Munich has lots for you to explore even when you’re being frugal. This article lists a few great options you can enjoy while you’re in Munich that won’t cost you much.

Explore Munich’s Iconic Landmarks

Munich is a treasure trove of iconic landmarks, giving you plenty of places to choose from for memorable adventures. While some require payment of a fee to access them, there are lots more free things to do in Munich where you can see amazing attractions at no cost whatsoever. One exciting landmark you can explore is the Marienplatz square —  the heart and soul of Munich. Here you can enjoy a leisurely stroll, taking  in the thrilling hustle and bustle of the busy street, and do a spot of window shopping. One of the most iconic things you’ll see while you’re here is the Glockenspiel (pictured below), a large mechanical clock with life-size characters that re-enacts key scenes from Munich’s rich history. Twice daily, you can watch the story of Duke Wilhelm’s wedding to Renata of Lorraine and the iconic Schäfflertanz dance. If you love nature with a little bit of history, you’ll be pleased to know that you can walk through the stunning Nymphenburg Palace gardens, free of charge. And you can round up your exploration of iconic landmarks with a trip to the Frauenkirche, a magnificent cathedral that’s free to enter during Open Church times.
closeup photo of the Rathaus-Glockenspiel in Munich Germany
Image source: iStock (photo by Wirestock)

Immerse Yourself In the Beauty of Nature

One of the best free things to do in Munich is to get out in nature. Whether you want to spend some time strolling along quiet walking trails or picnicking in the lush gardens, you’ll find what you’re looking for in the Bavarian capital. A perfect place to start is the famous Englischer Garten (English Garden), where you can stroll around the enormous urban park and have a picnic too. The Hofgarten, just close by, is another great option with gorgeous scenery for relaxing amidst nature, while listening to the musicians who occasionally play there. Admission into this refreshing green paradise is also free.

Dive Into Munich’s Cultural Scene

One of the things that Munich is known for is its rich history and cultural heritage. There’s so much to learn about the city and the culture of its people. A great way to learn all this without breaking the bank is by visiting one of the free museums in the city. Free museums in Munich you can explore include Archiv Geiger, Paleontological Museum, Geological Museum, Museum of Casts of Classical Sculptures, and the Bavarian State Library. While you’re in these, you can study artifacts from the city’s history or enjoy free exhibitions. Note: All state museums in Munich charge only 1 euro admission fee on Sundays (except for special exhibitions).

Step Into the BMW World

Fans of automobiles, rejoice! The BMW Welt is the heart of the BMW brand and you can access this unique experience for free! Gaze upon engineering brilliance through the architectural marvel that is the BMW Welt. A trip into this world includes displays of the latest models from the BMW Group. Exhibitions at the BMW Welt are a wonder to behold. In addition to seeing iconic automobiles, you’ll be privy to exciting discussions related to the brand including innovation, sustainability, and technology. And when you need a little break to refresh, you can stop by the BMW Welt Future Cafe and fuel up.
BMW Welt (BMW World) in Munich Germany
Image source: iStock (photo by BanarTABS)

See the Bayern Munich Players In Action Up Close

If you’re a football fan, you’ll love this adventure. Getting to see the famous Bayern players in training is a priceless experience that is also… price-less. No payment is required for the chance to see superstar footballers in their element! A training schedule is usually posted on the team’s website so you can check that for the best days to see the team live and in action.

Discover Munich’s Open-Air Markets

Nothing brings the city of Munich to life more than the open-air markets. The Viktualienmarkt is one of the free things to do in Munich that you shouldn’t miss while you’re here! It’s a feast for the senses filled with fresh produce and flowers, handmade gifts and local delicacies. Entering the market is free and you won’t need to spend much to get a yummy, filling meal and beautiful souvenirs to keep in memory of your trip.

See the World Anew from the Olympic Hill

The best views are always from the highest vantage point and in Munich one of the best places to see the world from above is Olympiaberg. This hill was built from the rubble of buildings that were destroyed during the second world war air raids and stands at an impressive 60 meters in height.

From the top of this hill, you can get a fantastic view of the park and the city too while you sit on a picnic blanket and enjoy your snacks. It’s also the perfect free spot to watch some open air concerts and other fun events often held in the park.

Final Word

Munich boasts a wealth of fabulous free activities. Whether it’s marveling at iconic landmarks, basking in nature’s glory, or diving into the city’s lively cultural scene, an array of budget-friendly options await your discovery!

Exploring the captivating capital of Bavaria can be a joyful experience, regardless of your budget size. Though a hefty budget can open doors to limitless whims, the city offers a plethora of enjoyable experiences that don’t cost a dime!

Featured image source: iStock (photo by Nikada)

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