explore Bavaria via Munich

Want to make the most of your vacation in Bavaria, Germany? You might want to do it from Munich. As the state’s capital city, Munich allows you to get easy access to many natural sights and wonderful attractions – from mountains and forests, to lakes and castles, and more. So it absolutely makes perfect sense to make it your home base during your stay.

To get you started, here’s a short list of recommendations to consider. As you explore Bavaria, these are some of the best places to see and things to do with your friends and family members.

6 destinations to check out as you explore Bavaria

Bavaria Filmstadt

Fans of TV and cinema will surely have a blast at Bavaria Filmstadt. Visitors will discover the history and creation of films and television series in this tourist attraction. The guided studio tour highlights original props, sets, and costumes from productions like The NeverEnding Story. If you love the movie and have fantasized about riding Falkor, you’ll fulfill that fantasy here.

Aside from the film set tours, Bavaria Filmstadt also has a stunt show, a 4D cinema, and a virtual reality gaming center. Take note the tours are in German. If you’re a non-native speaker, you can instead download the app for translations available in different languages.

Bavaria Filmstadt should definitely be one of your first stops as you explore Bavaria. Besides, it’s located in Grunwald, which is a mere 18 minute-drive away from Munich.

English Garden

Photograph showing English Garden with tourists who explore Bavaria via Munich

Image source: Unsplash

With an area of 3.75 square kilometers, the English Garden is known as one of the world’s largest urban public parks. In fact, it’s even bigger than New York’s Central Park or London’s Hyde Park. Locals and tourists often describe it as a “forest in the city center.”

The massive Munich park is a great spot for a game of football or a leisurely nature walk in the woods. You can also ride paddle boats and pedal boats in the Kleinhesseloher See artificial lake. In addition, the Eisbach river is a popular destination for surfing.

For those looking forward to sipping Bavarian beer, English Garden has four options namely:

  • Chinese Tower (a 5-storey, pagoda-style beer garden in Munich serving traditional Bavarian beer and food)
  • Hirschau (a small beer garden known for its family-friendly restaurant, large playground, and live music)
  • Osterwaldgarten (a beer garden and restaurant-inn that serves traditional Bavarian dishes)
  • Seehaus (a lakeside beer garden that also offers food for meat eaters, vegans, and vegetarians)

Lake Starnberg

Lake Starnberg (or Starnberger See) is the second largest body of freshwater in Germany. According to the official Muenchen website, the lake has a “depth of up to 128 meters,” stretching “21 kilometers in width and 5 kilometers in length.”

Only a 40-minute drive from the city, Lake Starnberg is located in the southwest and is often called the “bathtub of Munich.” The gorgeous and peaceful lake can be perfect for both relaxing and engaging in fun recreational activities.

It’s definitely an ideal family destination all year round. Popular activities in the crystal-clear lake include diving, fishing, kayaking, paddle boarding, and swimming. Other than that, people also love cycling and hiking in the area. During the snowy season, visitors flock here to enjoy cross-country skiing, ice skating, and sleigh rides.

Meanwhile, adventure tours are available from the Bavarian Lake Navigation. If you’re interested in brunch or moonlight trips, you should check them out.

Olympic Park

Photograph of Olympic Park as a place for tourists who want to explore Bavaria via Munich
Image source: Unsplash Next, we have the Olympic Park, which is an absolute must-see for anyone wanting to explore Bavaria. A little trivia: the stadium was built specifically for the 1972 Summer Olympics. Today, the 850,000 square meter attraction is well-loved for various indoor and outdoor activities. Case in point, the indoor SoccArena is a favorite for football enthusiasts. In the mood for ice skating? Head straight to the Olympic Ice Sports Center’s ice rink. Meanwhile, the outdoor tennis complex has 14 clay courts for those who want to play tennis. Golf fans, on the other hand, will surely love the 18-hole mini-golf course. Also, make sure to climb the 291-meter Olympic Tower to get a lovely view of the entire city. And don’t forget to visit the nearby BMW Museum to see displayed automobiles, engines, turbines, and more.

Neuschwanstein Castle

Of course, the Neuschwanstein Castle is one item you’ll need on your bucket list if you’re visiting Bavaria. Approximately 1 hour and 38 minutes away from Munich, the majestic 19th-century structure attracts at least 1.4 million visitors each year. Meanwhile, Discovery tells us that this palace is the real-life inspiration behind the fictional castles of Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty. As tells us, the stunning Romanesque design made it “the perfect architectural model” for the classic Disney movies. You have two options to reach the Neuschwanstein Castle: by foot or by renting a horse carriage. Either way, you will surely enjoy the majestic view of the area. Just be sure to stop by the bridge for some Instagram-worthy shots. Also, take note that you’ll have to book a ticket for the guided tour if you want to go inside the castle.


Image source: Unsplash

Located just 90 kilometers from Munich is Germany’s highest mountain, the Zugspitze. This mountain is at 9,718 ft above sea level and can be reached by foot, by cable car, or by the cogwheel railway. Regardless, the beautiful view from the summit is absolutely worth the trip.

Hikers will be thrilled to know that Zugspitze offers four hiking routes, with each one varying in difficulty. This means beginners and experienced hikers can conquer the mountain, depending on their skill level. Likewise, Zugspitze is a popular spot for winter activities such as skiing, snowboarding, and toboggan runs.

While there, you may also drink some chilled beer while enjoying the view from the country’s highest beer garden. Or you may also dine at the several restaurants that dot the area.


As you can see, Munich serves as the ideal spot to appreciate the beauty and wonders of Bavaria. Apart from its own attractions, the city places you in a convenient location where you can easily travel to neighboring tourist attractions and more. You can surely look forward to having the best experience possible during your vacation in the state.

Featured image source: Unsplash

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