The home of FC Bayern: the Allianz Arena

This soccer stadium, built in the north of Munich at Fröttmaninger Heide, amazes all its visitors with its unequalled architecture. Since 2005, the Arena has been the setting for the home matches of FC Bayern München and TSV 1860 München. The stadium became known to people all over the world as the location for some of the matches of the world soccer championship 2006. After FC Bayern München acquired the shares from TSV 1860 it is now the sole owner. The stadium offers approx. 69,900 seats and standing places, including 106 boxes with 1,374 seats. All places are covered with a roof and sheltered from rain. Within the stadium there are a lot of catering stations. The stadium also accommodates the FC Bayern Fanshop and the TSV 1860 Fanshop. Plus one of the biggest parking decks in Europe with room for 9,800 parking lots!

Foto: Allianz Arena München Stadion GmbH

The unique form of the stadium led to the nicknames “rubber boat arena” or “hovercraft arena”. The façade is made from 2760 ETFE-foil cushions which are continuously inflated with dried air. Each cushion has its own illumination that can change from red to blue or white. When FC Bayern has a home match, the Arena is illuminated all in red, for the home matches of TSV 1860 all lights are blue, and for neutral matches the colour is white. If for instance the German national team is playing, the stadium will be illuminated all in white. The power costs for illumination during a match are only approx .50 Euros/h, but the illumination power is so strong the Arena can be seen from Austrian mountain tops on a clear night. The stadium is perfectly connected to public transport, this makes it easy to reach for all matches.