Digital nomad considering heading to Bavaria, Germany? Seeking a next-level Munich coworking café that doubles as a hotel? Congratulations – you’ve found what you’re looking for! Centrally located Focus Lounge by King’s  is a coworking space provider that embraces all the lifestyle needs of digital nomads and other business travelers. Not only do you get access to a  superb shared workspace with great coffee and healthy, delicious meals all day long… You can also stay over in the 4-star King’s Hotel First where it’s located. If you need an excellent workspace with the added option of on-site accommodation, you’ll definitely want to keep reading:

The Focus Lounge by King’s Advantage

First off, here are some of the many benefits of making Focus Lounge by King’s coworking café/bar your home-away-from-home:

Professional environment

The first thing you’ll notice as you step inside is the distinct atmosphere. It’s clearly a place that encourages productivity. The gorgeous interiors, cosy furniture, and friendly staff all inspire instant confidence. As a digital nomad, you get to enjoy the company of like-minded freelancers, startup owners, and innovators across a range of fields. You just can’t help but feel motivated to take your game to the next level. For starters, Focus Lounge by King’s describes itself as “the space where your dreams have the power to become reality.” As their website also assures, “we remove the distractions so that you can get more work done.”

High-speed Wi-Fi and charging stations

Focus Lounge by King’s understands how crucial stable internet is for coworking users. Guests can count on having the best possible working experience – and WiFi connection – when they choose this exquisite Munich coworking café & bar.

Flexible packages

Interested in testing the waters to see if the place’s vibe matches your working style? You can get a Half Day pass or a Full Day pass for that. Otherwise, you can use the space longer by opting for a 5 Day or Monthly package.

The free coffee

Whether you’re working for a few hours or an entire day, you get to enjoy delicious free coffee (with alternative milk options). If you’re the type who craves that much-needed caffeine boost to remain alert, you’ll love what’s brewing at Focus Lounge by King’s!

The fantastic menu

Being busy and hungry is definitely not a good combination. Fortunately, Focus Lounge by King’s offers a mouthwatering menu featuring “conscious, eco-friendly, organic food.” The selection ranges from fresh juices (such as cloudy apple, orange, passionfruit, and more) and hot beverages (cappuccino, espresso, pot of tea) to fresh smoothie breakfasts, salad lunches and nutritious dinner bowls. You won’t even have to leave your desk if you’re too busy. You can continue working and the friendly staff will simply serve your food and drinks right to your workstation.

The Bar

After hours the tone shifts to a more social mood, affording plenty of opportunities for casual networking or simply chilling out after a hard day’s work. There’s a wide variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks on the menu. Prost!

Device safekeeping

Another feature that sets this coworking space apart from its competitors is that it provides device safekeeping. You can count on the staff members to watch over your laptop or other devices while you’re away. This is perfect for those who want to pop out into the city or those who simply want to socialize in the hotel space. That way, you can enjoy your personal time without worrying about carrying anything with you. For more information about this service, feel free to approach one of their baristas. They’ll gladly help you out.

Community events

They’re also big on community events. As the official website tells us: “We believe in the work-life balance, so we host events for you to meet like-minded entrepreneurs, freelancers and remote workers.” Coworking members can choose from various events focusing on “tech, business, creativity, innovation and wellness.” Needless to say, these events provide opportunities for digital nomads to mingle with others and expand their professional networks.

Conference room and venue rentals

Want to hold a corporate meeting? Or maybe a small event for your business? Focus Lounge by King’s  also has you covered with their conference room and event space options. First off, their conference room is perfect for meeting with your team members or even potential clients, investors and partners. The private room is well-lit and spacious enough to fit up to 8 people. Tasty Arabica coffee is also served for free plus guests are guaranteed a fast and reliable internet connection. Next, you can also rent the entire Munich coworking café and bar for your event. You get “fully catered family parties or business events with everything you need at your disposal.” The package even includes “a fully-stocked bar with a talented mixologist, or coffee to keep the high energy of the day.” Additionally, you can use their speakers and music for whatever purpose you may have in mind. Capacity-wise, the space has room for up to 40 seated guests or 80 standing guests. As if all that weren’t enough, the event venue is close to the 4-star King’s Hotel First Class rooms. This allows you and your guests easy access to fabulous hotel accommodation if needed.

The City! All the wonders of Munich right on your doorstep

Best known to many for its mighty beer breweries and yearly Oktoberfest festival, Munich (aka München) is the capital city of Bavaria, Germany. It’s not surprising that this vibrant city continues to attract visitors year in and year out. In fact, urban lifestyle mag Monocle often names it as one of the world’s most livable cities in their annual Quality of Life Survey. Working from Focus Lounge by King’s, or staying over at King’s Hotel First Class, you’re just a short stroll away from all the best that Munich has to offer!

4-Star King’s Hotel First Class

As mentioned, King’s Hotel First Class is accessible on-site at the Focus Lounge by King’s Munich coworking café & bar. This elegant hotel offers premier amenities and services including:

Luxurious rooms

The 4-star hotel rooms are classy and cozy at the same time. Digital nomads and other guests will surely love the “classic elements, individual wood fittings and works of art with modern elements.” Moreover, the amenities and facilities include:
    • Fast, stable WiFi connection
    • Adjustable air conditioning
    • 55-inch flat screen television with 30 channels
    • Power outlets for laptops and mobile devices
    • Direct dial telephone
    • Writing desk
    • Coffee machine
    • Refrigerator
    • … and more!

Friendly staff members

Team members are professional and always ready to help. They’re warm and friendly, too. In fact, some of them have been working at King’s Hotel First Class for years. The fact that they enjoy an “appreciative working atmosphere and healthy work-life balance” translates into work satisfaction to the benefit of guests.

Central location close to the best tourist sights

Well worth mentioning again! King’s Hotel First Class is strategically located near some of the city’s most iconic tourist spots. As the city’s official website tells us: “If you seek the finest beers, the most idyllic views, eco-parks, amazing cuisine, mind-blowing art collections or you just wish to sit in the midst of really great people, a trip to the Bavarian capital is all you need.”

Final word

Yes, Munich is a truly nomad-friendly destination that has so much to offer. In addition to its rich culture and tourist attractions, the city is well-equipped to accommodate the unique needs of location-independent professionals. No wonder Munich is fast becoming the new European hotspot for digital nomads. Now Focus Lounge by King’s and King’s Hotel First Class offer the ideal Munich coworking café/bar plus accommodation combo. Everything any discerning business traveler could want or need – all under one roof.

Featured image: Photo by Helena Lopes

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