Deutsches Museum – great fun not only for the youngest

Deutsches Museum in Munich is a perfect destination not only for kids and school classes. Adults too will find a lot of interesting things to discover in this museum on rainy days. After all, it is the world’s biggest museum of technology and natural sciences, and has 1.5 million visitors per year. The exhibits on show come from all segments of natural science and technology visualized for better understanding. Maths, physics, chemistry, astronomy, aviation and aerospace – everyone will find an area of interest in this museum. For all this specialties, there are rooms where visitors can enhance their knowledge through the provided explanations or by their own activities. Natural Science and technology are presented as a development process that can be traced back in this museum from the origins to this very day. From time to time, Deutsches Museum offers interesting projects, for instance the presentation of the Faraday cage. Other events and a cinema are accommodated in this complex on the museum island in Munich.


Foto: Deutsches Museum

From deepest depths to highest heights

The mining pit is a very popular department of this museum. It is built true to nature. The guided mining track is 900m long and shows visitors the old and new technologies and processes used in mining. Deutsches Museum also presents aircrafts. Since 1992, there is a separate branch for aviation in Schleißheim near Munich. The rooms of the museum even have a modern DNA laboratory. The musical instruments department is another highlight of the museum. Deutsches Museum has only one drawback for visitors – it’s too big to see it all in one day.