When visiting Munich, don’t just confine yourself to the Englischer Garten, Frauenkirche, or the Nymphenburg Palace. We know how the tourist destinations in the Bavarian capital can get jam packed especially during the peak seasons. So if you want to have an unforgettable experience, you might want to plan an alternative Munich tour that takes advantage of real hidden gems. In this article, we will share some of the most interesting off-the-beaten-track sights and activities you can enjoy during your stay.

Visit the Schleißheim Palace

The Nymphenburg Palace is a popular spot that attracts a lot of tourists. However, if you want a similar attraction with fewer visitors, the Schleißheim Palace complex is the perfect place for you. At first glance, it looks similar to its more popular counterpart, although the palace complex in Schleissheim features an Italian villa architectural style while the Nymphenburg Palace is a lot similar in appearance to Versailles. You can wander around Schleißheim Palace and marvel at its amazing European Baroque gardens, and visit pavilions and palace buildings.

Stroll at the Westpark

Westpark view using lensball
Image by Michael Hofmann from Pixabay 
The largest and greenest park in Munich is the Englischer Garten, which makes it popular with locals and tourists. However, if it’s a little too crowded for you and you want something a bit more peaceful, the Westpark is the alternative Munich sanctuary you’re looking for. Located in the Sendling district, you can chill out at the two beautiful beer gardens in the area, stroll around, lie on the grass, enjoy a barbecue, or indulge in a spritzer around Mollsee Lake. On the east side of the park, there are the Asian gardens which consist of the Nepalese pagoda, a Japanese garden, and a Thai Sala pavilion.

Hang out at the Weissenburger Platz

Munich is filled with plazas and squares where people can meet up. However, one of the most buzzing planted plazas is the Gärtnerplatz, a popular spot even for locals. However, if you’re looking for a quieter place, the Weissenburger Platz near Rosenheimer Platz is an excellent place to hang out. You can relax on its park benches and beside the fountain, watch the world go by, or take pictures of the mesmerizing flowers.

Drop by the Church of St. Maximilian

Maximilian Church
Image by Heinz Hummel from Pixabay 
The Frauenkirche is a real gem in Munich and one of the city’s most well-known churches. However, if you’re looking for an equally beautiful church that doesn’t attract as many visitors, you might want to drop by the Catholic parish church of St. Maximilian. Located in the Glockenbachviertel district, its two towers can be typically seen in photos of the Isar captured from the Reichenbachbrücke bridge.

Enjoy the peace and quite at the Dichtergarten

Also called the poet’s garden because it has been home to statues commemorating writers and other creatives such as Heinrich Heine and Chopin, the Dichtergarten is another ‘alternative Munich’ spot compared to the more touristy Hofgarten. The Dichtergarten is wilder and more woody in terms of aesthetics, which is why you can enjoy a peaceful afternoon amid the trees and hills right at the heart of Munich.

Have a nice dip at the Würm

If you’re visiting Munich over the summer, you might find the Isar river a bit too crowded as it is very popular with tourists. So if you want to find a quiet spot and enjoy a peaceful dip, it’s advisable to visit the Würm instead. Just like the Isar river, it flows through the city from the Starnberger See Lake. You may find the areas at Pasing, Stockdorf, and Gauting to be excellent spots for bathing. What’s great is that you can also take a walk along the banks of the Würm, through the park at Pasing and the Blutenburg Palace.

Shop at the Wiener Platz Market

A key part of visiting Munich is the Viktualienmarkt food market. Here, you can shop, taste different food, and bond with locals and fellow tourists. However, it can be jam packed, especially during the weekends. So if you want to experience an authentic ‘alternative Munich’ food market atmosphere with a more tranquil atmosphere, we recommend shopping at Wiener Platz.

Work while traveling

While Munich is an excellent city to relax, you may not have the luxury to leave work behind for a full-on vacation. Fortunately, there are many coworking spaces in Munich that can help you balance work with leisure. One of the coziest places to work while traveling is Focus Lounge by King’s located in the amazing 4-Star King’s Hotel First – the flagship of the King’s Hotel group. Focus Lounge is the go-to place for digital nomads and entrepreneurs who need a comfortable space that’s also conducive to productivity. It has all the essentials such as high-speed internet and healthy and tasty food in case you need an energy boost.

Time your visits well

Choosing when to see these attractions is just as important as choosing which alternative Munich places to visit. You might want to take advantage of nighttime sightseeing tours to escape the crowds. Also, if you want to experience Oktoberfest, simply avoid opening and closing weekends, as these are the busiest days. If possible, go there early during the weekdays when most people are at work. Another simple tip to make your trip more hassle-free is to prebook tickets to some attractions that you want to visit to avoid lengthy queues and minimize wait times. Even public transport can be super hectic, especially during rush hour, so a less stressful alternative is to explore Munich by bike. You can follow the many bike routes, or you may also opt for a guided bike tour for a smoother experience.

Final thoughts

With its vast green spaces, awe-inspiring nature, beer gardens or beer halls, and other exciting attractions, Munich is an ideal destination whether you want a lively or laid-back trip. However, if you’re looking for an escape from the hectic city life, we hope this article points you in the right direction. So immerse yourself in an alternative Munich experience and beat the crowds for a more relaxed trip!

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