Sports gear and sports fashion available on ISPO Munich

ISPO is the international exhibition of sports gear and sports fashion. Every year, this fair takes places in Munich in early February. It presents all new collections and trends, new technology in sports machines and gear to be found on the market. Today a lot of awards are handed over on ISPO in different categories. The „Ispo Brand New Award“ goes to young, emerging companies. The „Ispo Outdoor Award“ honours the best innovations of all products on the outdoor sports market. There is also an award for skiing and snowboarding sports. The „Eco Responsibility Award“ is granted to companies that develop their products under principles of sustainability and environmentally friendliness are worth mentioning. As in all other areas of fashion, one award refers to the aesthetic appearance of sports clothing and it is called „European Fashion Award“, dedicated to the promotion of junior and young designers. The last awarded to be presented is called „Runner‘s World Ispo Award“. As the title says, it is selected by the magazine „Runner‘s World“ in cooperation with a jury of producers of sports equipment and athletes. All these awards are very coveted among all exhibitors of sports gear as they guarantee good sales volumes for the coming season. For sports-enthusiasts, the Ispo is a real paradise with a giant selection in all kinds of sports. You might not be able to buy all you’d like as the latest products on the sports market don’t come cheap, but you’ll find a lot of information and a very good impression of what to wear for the next skiing season.