Tradition of engines and Bavarian technology: the BMW Welt

If you hear BMW you’ll think of Bayerische Motoren Werke and the top-notch cars they produce. However, BMW Welt is much more than just a car exhibition. In direct vicinity to the BMW four-cylinder and the adjacent museum which focuses on vehicles, this new high-tech building was established in 2007. It is not only the location for delivery and pick-up of ordered cars, it also hosts big events, exhibitions, museums and many venues all year round. Reception of a new car shall be remembered as a very pleasant experience. There are many catering stations ranging from a coffee bar to international restaurants – whatever you like.


In the past, BMW Welt has presented a top variety of regional and international artists performing their skills. The future program will also list a large repertoire of stand-up performances, theatre plays, concerts and ballet production. In the „Design Atelier“ of BMW Welt you can feel and experience the philosophy of the technology and design of BMW with all senses.
The architecture of the modern building shall inspire future artists. Therefore BMW Welt provides rooms for young arts school classes where they can present their works to the public. If notwithstanding all these offers and variety, the car and its technology is still your key interest, you should go on one of the guided tours through BMW Welt. You can look behind the scenes of a successful company at work.