A tour to the castle of Schloss Nymphenburg is worthwhile in nice weather

Schloss Nymphenburg in the west of Munich was established in 1664 by the elector Ferdinand Maria as a gift to his wife for the birth of the heir to the throne. Land to build on was found in a region known today as the city district of Nymphenburg-Neuhausen. The castle is surrounded by a wide and beautiful park, initially designed according to Italian horticultural architecture. Later, the landscape was converted into a real English park. The park is characterized by the canals running through it. There were created artificially after the model of Versailles. Today they are a welcome supplement to the gorgeous landscape scenery of the park. Many water plays like the “Great Basin” and the “Flora fountain” complete the Mediterranean flair. Indoors, the castle has wonderful halls, for instance the Hubertussaal, the Orangerie or Johannissaal, as well as the geranium house or the iron house. All these can be used for venues, concerts, exhibitions, or even as a marriage registry office. The castle also hosts the permanent exhibition „Museum Mensch und Natur/Museum – man and nature“. Its fantastic presentation amazes all visitors. In a thrilling manner it instructs about the history of earth and life, the existing organisms, and the role of man as a designer of nature. Having visited the exhibitions in the painting gallery, the natural-science museum, and the wonderful park area, tourists find welcome refreshments in the Schlosscafé Palmenhaus. Situated in the pastoral park it provides a wonderful view of the castle scenery as well as excellent catering.

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