Up you go to the Wies’n : Munich’s Oktoberfest is and always will be the most popular bierfest

There’s no doubt that the Oktoberfest is Munichs’s biggest and most popular event. The fest which was started on occasion of the Bavarian elector attracts guests from all over the world. They can hardly wait until soon when the famous slogan is heard from the beer marquee: „O’ zapft is.“ The Munich Oktoberfest is a very popular attraction for people from the region and from all around the world. Today, several million visitors care coming to the Oktoberfest every year to get the live feeling and join the party. No wonder that many guests from Japan, the USA and Italy come back year after year to take part in this giant event. It is a meeting of very different cultures peacefully celebrating one of the world’s biggest beer fests.

© twentysixpix / Fotolia.com

Rides and treats

Of course the beer marquees are not the only pleasure- the rides are just as attractive. The ghost train, the big Ferris wheel or the very popular 5-looping all are much in demand. Those who don’t like the drives can stroll along the stalls and buy candied almonds, or try the famous fried sausages or fish rolls.

If you had enough of the rides and need some more entertainment, you can go to the beer marquees and order a “Maß” of beer and listen to the Bavarian folk music in the marquee. The beer gardens on the Wiesn’s are very popular, but an option for good weather only. The agricultural festival and the historical Wies’n that was introduced last year are other attractions on this great event.